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Tom's Journal
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Date:2006-06-07 00:42

I've felt inspired to make my own artwork since vee was so generous to share hers

It can be viewed here.


btw it's VERY symbolic

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Date:2005-11-16 05:05
Subject:Weight Loss Cont

So after a day here is my update.

I've since lost approx another 5 lbs this puts me at about 15-20lbs in 2 weeks. I know this sounds crazy but it's true. I don't know if you guys are interested but I'll let you know what my diet consisted of.

Now I'm sure I'm going to hear some booing and hissing for this, especially since I'm generally anti low carb diets. However, the south beach diets first 2 weeks are the only "no carb" weeks. The diet basically promotes eating healthy fats and carbs, not cutting either out, the first two weeks are merely used to break your sugar/starch cravings. This diet is much more picky than the atkins which lets you eat practically anything with out carbs including bacon and generally unhealthy things. You have to be much more picky. For instance, for breakfast I can have eggs, with canadian bacon. However, the eggs must be fried in olive oil (which is extremely good for you and loaded with antioxidants) or a non nutritive spray. I would generally put a little part skim cheese (again lower fat stuff) on the eggs and load them up with franks red hot. Lunch would generally be a salad. Dinner I would have some sort of protein and vegetable. Through out the day I coudl snack on things like nuts, peanut butter, certain cheeses or sugar free jello. The hardest part really was kicking full calorie soda. I also give credit to this for the majority of my weight loss. I still plan on endulging in these things...once I can get off my fat ass and work out. Anyways I also drank a lot of water, along with a few diet sodas and some green tea.

Admittedly this was quite the paradigm shift for me! I was fairly cranky for these first 2 weeks, but some things like this Chicken I made was good and would keep me happy for a limited time. I also miss drinking alcohol, I haven't had ANY in 2 weeks. I don't even want that much, just a couple of beers rly. I miss coming on to XI late at night and trying to convince shinji and kdub that I'm not off my rocker atp especially right before a difficult mission ;p. But I'm gonna cheat a little this upcoming weekend, and ynaut. Now that I'm in phase 2

Ah yes this is already going splendid. I can have fruit! And whole grain bread! I tell you I've been feeling like 10x better these last 2 days since I started. I have a high fiber cereal in the morning with a little milk, some peanut butter and an apple and I'm set for literal HOURS. I also make these wraps with chicken for dinner that are really good! That's it for now, I still have yet to incorporate excersize, but now that my weight seems to be slowly reaching a plateu I need something to boost it more! I'll try updating on time next time guys that's it for now.

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Date:2005-11-15 07:16

I'm late on my LJ weight loss update, I'll fill you in later.

BTW I showed shinji this and thought it was pretty funny.


lates nebs

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Date:2005-11-07 06:13
Subject:This represents...the last of the petty cash....
Mood: Motivated

I bet you guys didn't expect this.

Well any ways I rarely feel like updating but I have a good reason now.

I mentioned to Shinji sometime back that I would like to use livejournal as a means to lose weight. "OMG WUT NUT?" Yeah I knew you'd say that. My plan is to more or less publicly humilate myself into getting active and loosing weight. I started dieting last week sometime and already I've dropped about 10-15 pounds. THis was mainly dropping calorified soda from my diet! I've since been eating a lot of vegetables, lean cuts of meat and of course drinking plenty of water. I'm going to try and incorporate excersize this week. Hopefully i'll get down to the weight I want!

So why do I need to loose weight? Do I need too? Should I?
This whole thing is actually pretty selfish it's pretty much for looks but all of those other things are valid concerns as well with the history of heart disease and diabetes in my family. But what makes me want to do this?

Well you see, I've always been a husky guy. And I mean always almost every grade after 1st I was a heavy fellow. I think in 3rd grade I weighed about 75 lbs. This weight however, would fluctuate as I grew older. I was really big in 6th grade around 140 or so and I've never been very tall so I looked silly. My weight stagnated there and before 7th I remember trying out for football only to have them cancel the A team (this was popwarner and A team was for the heaviest/biggest kids) I dropped some weight, and put it on again! Through 8-9th grade I pretty much stayed a kinda fat kid. In tenth grade though...well, I again tried out for football, and boy, did I drop weight again. I looked pretty average. However, this dream would soon be crushed (Literally) when during the summer I bunnyhopped my bike off of a rather high ledge and the petal slammed my knee. I don't think I've ever been in that much pain. Still I went to practice later that summer. Got through the majority of the weeks just fine, I was really out of shape and struggled but I pulled through. At any rate this 300+ 6 foor something kid ended up tackling me and destroying what remained of my knee's ACL which, btw, had to be replaced with a cadver ligament. So, again i Idled around my house being depressed about my weight, ordering pizza playing games, and of course eating free Taco bell and other mall food when I worked.

Senior year I hit my worst. I was up around 220 and I saw pictures of myself and said "Shit, look at me I'm a mess." Well one day when during some break I was sitting at home doing nothing when I said "I'm gonna do something" and I started running and lifting weights every day. Eventually it boiled down to me doing this 5 days a week before work. What was I eating? Poptarts, a can of Yoohoo, and chicken noodle soup. Yeah, looking back that wasn't the healthiest choice but I made do. Eventually I made some real progress and people would say stuff constantly to me, I had never really looked at a scale because I was always affriad I would hate the results but...I finally checked and I found I had lost around 40 lbs. Did I mention it only took me about 2 months to do this? Eventually I got another 10lbs and was pretty happy, if you saw my pictures, I looked pretty decent and I was pretty happy especially since I think hthis helped me snag the girl of my dreams.

What went wrong?
Too much free time a girlfriend and an appetite for fried food. I had always had jobs that paid relatively well, and I love nothing more than to relax with my lady and scarf down some pizza, burgers or chicken and spend my money that way. We ended up doing this pretty frequently and, sadly, I stopped excersizing. I think the worst of it came this summer...I became legal to drink alcohol. I started buying beer all the time, and of course drinking it. Let me tell you too, I have no patience for "Lite, light" beers. Too watery. The good news is that so far, it seems that weight comes on a lot slower than I can loose it. I don't want to quit those junk foods forever, I just want to get into shape where I work out consistantly and don't have to worry about things like this. I guess you could say the diet is a way to boost me along.

So I'd like you guys to just check up with me at least weekly and harrass me to post if I haven't posted by 7 days from my previous post. I'll also try posting pics so you can see results if you're interested. LOL JUST LET ME KNOW

Also excuse my spelling but it is late!

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Date:2005-06-08 01:28
Mood: content

Well long time no see you nabs

What was my last post like months ago!?

Anyways, so why don't I ever post in my lj? Well I guess I just enjoy lurking your lj's and reading your shit more. Also I never really feel like I have much to say, most of my days seem pretty repetative imo. w/e though as long as this makes me happy i suppose.

So what's new? Not a whole lot really, i'm still working my shitty job at Taco Bell which I was hoping to be rid of by this point, I guess I'm not going to get that internship I was hoping for. I talked to a manager at an EB and he might have a few days a week he could spare me which would be nice admittedly, not another full job, but rather something else so I don't work full time at the bell really.

As far as games go...well it's been a real multiplayer bonaza as of late wouldn't you guys say? I mean we had some really fun 8 way SC matches, and I must admit, i'm really happy to see the TS server really being put to use. I mean me and SHinji use it on a regular basis, and kdub ocassionally, but it's really been bustling lately! Admittedly I've been talking to shinji a few times as to potentially inviting some of the other LS guys, but I don't know what kind of nubbishness that would entail.

ET has been another staple as of late, and I can't say that it's a bad thing. Veg has been the main pz as far as game play goes, but I am starting to get back up to my old skill level, and I must say that Shinji caught on very quickly and though Deac and Triad haven't played as much, i'm sure they will be doing well also.

XI...well not much to really say here, I've kinda neglected this game for a week now. The one time I did log on though was to help sj snag a pair of leaping boots. He was there for about 2 hours but had to rush to check his plants to make some sweet gil. I told him I'd continue camping. Admittedly I was a bit worried since Beastmaster has a small widescan for the area, so I had to change my pacing path up a bit. As soon as I did she popped, nabbed her with charm and once that bitch dropped she gave up those boots finally. Imagine our suprise when we found out those boots were going for 1.2 million gil atp. Wild we each just made a fat 600k in gil. I have since bought that pole arm I had my eye on... "Grand Knights Lance" oh baby +7 acc... {Can I have it?} As of late I've been leveling my WHM and BLM a bit in hopes of having a sweet whm sub for my DRG. I also need to level war in the future! Well that's all for now really I await you nabs re: with eagerness.

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Date:2005-03-14 01:43
Subject:Maybe now you'll never slime a guy with a positron collider, huh?!


A few things

1. I hit level 41 in XI today. Gonna try getting some fame over spring break here and try leveling as close to 50 as I can

2. Veg is a nub

3. See above

4. Veg's LJ "no_nubs_allowed", I mean it's a true paradox considering the user >,>

5. Veg is bad at ET and Wolf

6. I had pizza for dinner

10. Fuck #'s 7-9

I love you guys

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Date:2005-02-17 00:39
Subject:ffs veg ihy ims
Mood: pleased

Ah yes LJ.

Long time no see I guess. Well part of the reason I don't update that much is because I'm kinda busy and when I'm home I'm extremely lazy. Hehe. I also see other peoples nicely written posts and really heartfelt things they write and I don't ever feel like I could write something as time worthy, though I suppose this is mainly for my enjoyment. I'll try to keep that in mind in the future.

School has been going fairly well, though sometimes in Quantitative business analysis I don't feel as if I'm "soaking" it all in. I feel like I'm missing something, or that I'm going to get nuked on a test. I may be over reacting, but with my next year being my final one in college I really don't want to mess anything up atp. Admittedly I am 2 classes behind the credit requirement but I may just either take 6 classes 2 semesters in a row (smn likely) or see if I can take a couple over the summer (still lame, but better than 6 classes imo.) I'm not sure if an intership would help towards my credits, i should really get a move on it and look into it.

My managing People class is going to be a tough one. I have to do this service project that involves not only a temporary solution or help, but making a difference. I have to help out a non-profit business through promotion and fund raising and stuff. I'm not sure how it's going to go, but I have a friendly group and I think we've decided on what organization we're going to help. It's an organization that helps people with organ donations. Hehe, I'm not sure if it really counts, but I did have knee surgery a few years ago and I did get a cadaver ligament put in there. I'm pretty thankful for it since it helped me recover a lot faster than using a tendo from my leg muscle would've allowed, but i don't know if that's really considered an organ hehe. Back to the class, later i also have to do a lesson where I teach the class, also I need an essay and a test. Considering I don't have any homework I get it's not so bad, but still, I am an uber procrastinator and stress about things constantly.

FFXI, I haven't done much lately because of school and other things taking up time. I may try getting that 1.5 levels tonight just so I can finally have my drg at 30. SJ is right the linkshell is so quiet. I need to talk to heffer and see if he still plays, also, where have atlur and his brother been? Hopefully these questions will be answered on the upcoming vacations. TBH I'd like to hit 50 by late april but with classes being a real bitch, well have to see ( i do have spring break ;p) Who knows, I just want to put on that sweet af and pt with SJ KDUB Troid and sleaze at some point.

After work tonight I just talked to a couple of my buddies for like an hour and a half, man I love just talking and debating with people in person. There is nothing like hearing the opinions and thoughts of friends and engagin in intelligent conversation sometimes, I get caught up in it very easily.

This weekend I'm probably going to end up drinking at my gf's college one night (g&t thanks re: sj and crew) that should be a fun way to kick back.

I ges that's all I really have to say for now

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Date:2005-01-26 15:47
Subject:school days, school days...

So today was my first day back to school since the snow had canceled it two days in a row. I was hoping the snow we were supposed to get today would've picked up more bye the time I got up as I was hoping to get another day off uc. Anyways, school wasn't canceled (as if that wasn't obvious ;p) so it was off I went. I had to leave by 8:15 to get to class by 9 since the drive is fairly long. Well unfortunately the snow did start to pick up, but only after I had hit the highway and at that time the roads were starting to coat. I took it slow on the highway everything went pretty smooth got within a quarter mile of my school doing around 40mph and boom my car starts to slide on a man road, i tried counter stearing to get back on track but that made it worse and I spun around in the oposite direction. THUMP I slammed into a snowbank and was now facing down the wrong way of the road. I imediately hit reverse and pulled into some ones driveway. No damage, it was a miracle. NBNB I said a bit shaken and proceeded off to school.

Class doesn't seem like it's going to be bad either. The professors have very fair attendence guidlines that permit me to be a little lazy ocasionally, but not overly so I just don't come to class. Should be good for the occasional friday I want to skip. ;p The classes seem decent too. First up was operations management (MGT 345) then Management: History and Theory (MGT 336) and finally Quatitative Business Analysis (MGT 333). The interesting thing is that I have the same guy for the first and last classes of my days on MWF so that's pretty wild. The classes seem fair enough and I think i'm going to do well this semester. We'll see how stuff goes tomorrow with Accounting II : Attack of the Assets.

In other news, CoD: UO has been taking up some of the better parts of me evening, and it's been sweet, wether I'm laughin my ass off or getting really into picking off people and avoiding a similar fate at the hands of my buddies...what can I say, it's nice having a good MP shooting game to play with friends again. In XI news I hit 22 with my drg and things are going pretty smoothly. My neck chopper sold for 70k (30k profit kthx) going to be looking to make some purchases soon though the beetle earings I want seem really expensive atm I might wait for their price to drop. 2.5 more levels and no more qufim ( i like the jungle better, the exp and parties generally seemed better even if the gobs are a real fucking nuke)

Well that's it for now, lates u nubs

PS I found my CD's WOOT

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Date:2005-01-21 23:32

So today was pretty lame, I found out that CD's may have been stolen out of my car, but I'm not sure, as my brother may have taken them. Still, I'm very angry at the moment, I'm not looking forward to buying them all again if they truly are gone. Work sucked for a change, and I get to do it again tomorrow. I wanted to XI tonight, but it wasn't in me, I'm really tired, plus, getting more 5 hours of sleep will probably do me good. (i'm getting really stoked for the next couple of items i'm going to be getting for my drg e.e; platoon lance anyone!?)

Anyways it's supposed to snow like a mother down here. A classic Nor' easter. I would like to thank Canada for supplying the cold air and the fairly warm coast for providing additional moisture for this storm. NOt to say that I don't like snow, I do. I'm a pretty big fan of being lazy on a quiet snowy day. I could care less if I get burried in it ;p, It's just I wish it were sooner so work would get closed early. I may call in as I haven't been feeling well, who knows. At any rate my girlfriend wants me to go up to her school tomorrow night and hang out with her and her roomate, should be fun we'll see. It's driving back the next day for my meeting at Taco Bell I'm not looking forward too uc.

Yes a very brief update, but hey its better than nothing. ;p

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Date:2005-01-13 11:52

Anyways as you know I've been camping leaping lizzy the better part of the past few days and have yet to fight her. Last night I was getting my closest to fighting her and thought maybe I was getting better and finding her on the map. Regardless I missed 4 spawns last night, one of which was right behind me another which I had the jump on and a thf who must've had beast sub job charmed the beast just as I was about to hit voke. The worst part of the last one as that after he killed it he shouted "Leaping Boots!" then "i put them on so u can /check me" Needless to say I was pissed. I think I'm gonna let go for a while, I'm just gonna get back to leveling my drg and wait for higher dex stuff to come along as my levels get higher.

This was added on top of my arlready bad day. I had a customer who yelled at me today because I apparently "Made him wait for 3 minutes" before getting served. I was merely asking a friend I hadn't seen in a while for a phone number took 30 seconds tops. Anyways he asks for the corporate number and such. I told him it was right on the front counter pretty self explanitory too 1800TacoBell. "No you're going to right it down or I"m going to call the better business Bureau and have your job." Obviously this guy was a nub because anyone who knows anything knows that the BBB has nothing to do with peoples jobs. They control business quality if people are getting ripped off. The worst part about this was that this fucker worked at the mall. I get along with almost everyone there I think there is a code of mall workers I mean wtf!? Anyways a littel birdy told me that his backroom was over stocked and it was a fire hazzard that he had been warned about on several ocasions, if it happens again they'll be closed. I'm not worried about my job or anything I just hate when people like that think they win, when they don't.

Yeah yesterday was pretty rough, but today I'm going out to do stuff with my lady. Maybe the Phantom of the Opera and some dinner? WHo knows. I've also been thinking about not going into work tomorrow, I just don't want to go back after that. I'm still a little on edge because of that.

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Date:2005-01-11 19:24

Well, it looks like I'll be reviving the LJ. I have to go somewhere so I'll do this quick. Not too much is new in my life, I've been playing a bit of xi (thought I've been playing it less frequently do to friends being home from college and my gf). I finally hit dragoon a few weeks ago and now I'm really starting to enjoy myself even more than before. Of course the LS has been a big help and my fullest gratitude goes out to them. While I'm only at level 15 atm I do see myself catching up to Shinji and the other level 50's in due time especially since Shinji started school again and his schedule doesn't seem like it leaves him too much free time, but I'm not positive. I don't go back to Umass D for another 2 weeks so that's not too bad. But I am getting really sick of work. It's a true nuke.

So what was my new years resolution? I'm trying to lose weight (go figure). While I've never considered myself obese, I am a bit chubby. I lost a lot of weight my senior year (around 40-50lbs) and got down to a good weight but I've put a lot of it back on. It's pretty depressing, but I have been good at eating healthy (Not small amounts) food. And while these foods don't always leave me full, I do feel better about eating them. Another big cut out is sugared drinks (ie soda :wah) and that probably has played the biggest part in my long battle with weight. My out look is positive though, I think if I can start to incorporate more excersize with my new found diet I'll do well. (doing everything at once will nuke anyone and discourage them imo) So i"m sorry if I seem rude to anyone lately, when you cut out larges sources of caffiene and sugar, people tend to get easily irratable, re: me lately. I should balance out soon though.

I'll try updating this again tonight, but now I have to go watch a movie with my gf.

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